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Scheduling has been really tough. When I lived with my parents, we would always go back at least once a year. DT: Have you ever been offered a part in a Nigerian movie? Badaki: Sadly, no. People ask all the time if I ever have.


DT: Have you ever met Gaiman? Badaki: He was at Comic-Con too. Hes a wonderful guy. Intelligent, warm and witty. It really is a pleasure getting to play in a world he has created. DT: Was this years your first Comic-Con? Badaki: Yes, it was.

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Badaki : Andrew Dosunmu is doing some really interesting work. Id love to work with him some day. DT: How old were you when you decided to pursue a career in acting? Badaki: Funny enough, Ive wanted to act since I was six-years-old. DT: Youve.

In 2017 she played Bilquis, an ancient deity of love, in the series. American Gods. Photo Gallery Photo credits provided in references section below where possible.  View a list of photographers here. Source: Dana Patrick Photography Source: Dana Patrick Photography. Source: Instagram Interviews yetide.

Did you also get into comic books and graphic novels? Badaki: I love to read. Books have always been a great escape for me. Ive read comics and graphic novels that Ive enjoyed, but ultimately I have to admit that my favourite thing is a.

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Yetide Badaki is an actress famous for her role as Bilquis in the series American Gods. Born : Ibadan, Nigeria Famous for: Actress Twitter: @yetidebadaki @ yetide History Yetide Badaki was born in Ibadan, Nigeria.  At the age of 3 she moved to England with her.

DT: Did you read American Gods prior to being cast as Bilquis, or was it your first time experiencing Gaimans work? Badaki: Im actually a huge sci-fi and fantasy geek, so I had read the book previously. I also am a fan of his musings.

DT: Your being picked to play fan-favourite character Bilquis in the TV adaptation of Neil Gaimans American Gods is generating tons of positive buzz. How did you prepare for the role? Badaki: I train. I have an MFA in Theater. I do play readings wherever.

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