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M/p/5-HKTqQSlK/ MTV: I'm a huge fan of the account myself. What's the experience and response been like for you? Benson: The cool thing about Daddy Issues is that when I started it, it was making me feel better about myself. It made me feel a.

Benson: I thought it would be a better way to relate to people without making it about me. And the reason the name is Daddy Issues is because I came up with it really fast. I grew up with daddy issues. I mean, most girls.

MTV: How do you feel about the recent controversy surrounding The Fat Jew? Do you create all your own content? Benson: I create most of my own content, correct. I'm so used to seeing stuff I made up all over the internet without credit, but.

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Plus, if Im able to help even just one person, thats all that matters to me. I think its important to care about other people and I think a lot of us look the other way sometimes when somebody is unhappy or whatever because we.

Steven Meiers Life MTV News spoke to Benson about her decision to reveal her identity. You've probably never heard of Violet Benson, but you likely see her jokes all over your Instagram newsfeed. The 26-year-old runs the insanely popular account @daddyissues_, which has nearly 2.

If they email me or message me that they created it, then I credit them right away. m/p/5dcBwIwSkr/ MTV: Are you worried about how things are going to change once you reveal your identity? Benson: I have friends now that are celebrities and social media.

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On Sunday (August 30 Daddy Issues took over @MTVL ife 's Twitter to live-tweet the VMAs. After a year of anonymity, Benson is exclusively revealing her identity as Daddy Issues to MTV News, speaking up about the inspiration behind her hilarious posts, online fame and what.

Petersburg, Russia. I moved to the U.S. when I was 14 because we won the green card lottery. I also lived in Israel a little bit, and then I went to school in Los Angeles. I graduated high school pretty early, and then I went.

Benson: But some people message me the most amazing things. Ive gotten emails before about the fact that one of their parents passed away and theyve been super depressed but looking at my Instagram is the only thing that got them through it, which is.

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