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Recurring characters edit Family edit "Lilly Kane" redirects here. For character of the King of Fighters, see Lilly Kane (The King of Fighters). Charisma Carpenter portrays Kendall Casablancas (Kendall Lacey Shifflet, a fake real name; really Priscilla Banks Cassidy and Dick's gold-digging stepmother. Kendall first.

13 Francis Capra portrayed Eli "Weevil" Navarro, the leader of the PCH Biker gang and Veronica 's friend. Despite often being in trouble with the law, Weevil helps Veronica solve many of her cases. He is wrongfully accused of fellow gang member Thumper's murder, and.

Contents Overview edit Main characters edit Kristen Bell portrayed the titular Veronica Mars, a high school junior and skilled private detective. Bell was chosen to play. Veronica Mars from more than 500 women who auditioned for the role. Bell felt that it was "just luck".

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11 Lamb was a recurring character in the first two seasons, but was upgraded to series regular in the third. Krysten Ritter portrays Gia Goodman, the daughter of the influential Neptune citizen and professional baseball team owner Woody Goodman, and a student at Neptune High.

11 Jason Dohring's character Logan was originally a guest star in the pilot. Jason Dohring played Logan Echolls, the "bad-boy" 09er son of an A-list actor. Dohring originally auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane. After his audition, the producers asked Dohring to audition for.

Cassidy hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, and she discovers that she helped Richard commit real estate fraud. Veronica told Cassidy and gave the information to the Securities and Exchange Commission ; however, Richard fled the country before he could be arrested. Richard's lawyers told.

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Gia rides the school bus on the way to the stadium, however she opts to ride in Dick Casablancas' limo with the other "09ers" on the way back. The bus crashes and all of the passengers die, except for Meg Manning. Later in the year.

Thomas needed "new blood" since he felt unable to bring back the Kanes and the Echolls and "have them all involved in a new mystery". 4 The third season features a cast of ten actors who receive billing, 5 an increase from the nine actors.

Cassidy, who had started a real estate company called Phoenix Land Trust, needed Kendall to be his CEO).

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