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Responding to claims relating to an alleged affair with one footballer in 2003,Perroncels newly-appointed publicistMax Clifford said: She met him when she used to work in a club, about 10 years ago. She knew him and she knew some of the players but she didnt.

Lingerie model Vanessa Perroncel reportedly had affairs with three other Chelsea players before her alleged involvements with Wayne Bridge and John Terry. Vanessa Perroncel pictured in 2006 while pregnant with her and Wayne Bridges son. Vanessa Perroncel reportedly had affairs with three other Chelsea players.

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Vanessa has always had a thing for footballers and set her heart on becoming a kind of super-WAG, the source also claimed. She began by dating one of the players while she was working at now-defunct nightclub Elysium, which was a regular haunt for the.

Advertisement Advertisement After growing more and more friendly with the players through her job in Elysiums VIP area, Perronceljoined Chelsea Club, a fitness centre at Stamford Bridge, where Chelsea play their home games, according to the paper. It was with this extra access that she.

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