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WHAT?! So fast forward to the point where I finally left and moved on with my life, I kept the blonde/balayage for a little while until I finally decided to go dark and I haven't looked back since. #letlifein#embracechange A post shared by TORIA SERVISS toriaserviss) on Oct 17, 2017 at 9:31am PDT

And during the majority of that time, my hair was blonde. The reason that it was blonde was because he told me he only liked blonde hair. Now of course during that time I would try to go back to my natural brown shade and.

It is about a woman whose life completely changed when she and her fiance broke off their engagement three months before her wedding day. She cut all of her hair off and has made so many other positive changes in her life that took her.

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Toria Serviss love all things DIY, obsessed with Harry Potter. Travel junkie. Lover of fitness and fashion. View this post on Instagram I have teamed up with @herbalessences to tell you all about how hair changes reflect life changes. They have released 4 videos around.

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