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In 2018, Mercedes won its fifth consecutive double world championship, equalling the all-time record set by Ferrari between 20Only Wolff and FIA President Jean Todt have won five consecutive double world championships and Wolff's achievements were recognised through the presentation of a John Bolster Award.

28 Personal life edit Wolff lives with his second wife, the Scottish racer Susie Wolff (ne Stoddart) between homes in Oxfordshire, England and Ermatingen at Lake Constance, Switzerland. 29 On, Susie announced on Twitter that she had given birth to their first child the previous day. 30 Wolff speaks fluent German, English, French, Italian, and Polish. He has two children from.

FIA GT Championship and won one race. He switched to the. Italian GT Championship in 2003, winning a race in 2004 with. Lorenzo Case, while also teaming with Karl Wendlinger in the FIA GT Championship. 7 Wolff was runner up in the Austrian Rally Championship.

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The Mercedes team has navigated both organisational and regulatory transitions - both traditionally triggers for a loss in sporting performance in Formula 1 - while maintaining the team's position at the front of the grid. There is not one single area we are not looking.

He has spoken at length about his management style in two long-form audio interviews: the Finding Mastery podcast with Michael Gervais and the official Formula 1 Beyond The Grid podcast. Philanthropy edit Wolff is vice chairman of the Mary Bendet Foundation, founded in memory of.

16 In the five seasons since the introduction of the turbo hybrid regulations in 2014, Mercedes has won 74 of 100 races under Wolffs leadership. The team has taken 84 of 100 pole positions, 51 front-row lockouts and 147 from 200 possible podium finishes. Since.

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26 Reflecting on the growth of their partnership, he has said: "over time, over the years, we got to know each other better, we started to trust each other and the inconvenient truth is something that can be very helpful in helping you to achieve.

Using this methodology, the team has built great strength in depth, and has been capable of identifying and growing future leaders from within. The intensely competitive environment of Formula One is also a valuable learning environment for dynamic organisational change. "You need to build a.

You mustnt blame the person, you blame the problem. 22 Wolff manages the Mercedes team using a methodology of empowerment derived from Prussian military principles espoused by Helmuth von Moltke and termed "Auftragstaktik". 23 The management culture of the team involves aligning the entire organisation.

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