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But Mary didnt have the knack. Shed asked people fifty times to show her now to braid, and she still couldnt do it deftly. Janes braids always looked uneven, at once too loose and too tight. Girls who lived in town with their grandparents came.

Never once did Mary call Mack, although his long letters arrived every day, small forlorn script in blue ink on yellow lined paper. Theyre probably having some bad times, Mary said, but little contentments too, I suppose. The two of them were silent, reverent to.

I dont even know him, she finally said. A train horn started too far away to see. Her mothers round face looked out into distance. You met him that once. Was at night. I dont remember. Hes got a house and all now. And a.

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From the first taste, Jane knew her mother had used the last sugar. Now I dont want you to go. Mary laughed a little. I dont want to go either, Jane said, her hands lifted, soft on her mothers shoulders. But its the best thing.

Shed wanted anything but the sameness of that house, though now when her mother was gone she missed it. A highway-wind slipped in her sleeves and touched her ribs, shivering her. They both wore old soft clothes. Honey, Im going to send you to your.

Her mother folded each bill into a small triangle, like a flag, and put them in the bottom of her sock. She pushed the shoe on over Janes heel, tied the laces and patted it finished. Get just what you need. Because it was hard.

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What do you care? Jane had argued. I need them. Mary rolled down the top of the grocery bag, with Janes four Twinkies, Fig Newtons, an apple and a banana. Then everything was done. Janes braids were tight and her scalp still felt as if.

Through the window, her mother pulled on the trucks lights, illuminating the invisible before them, and Jane had the sensation of being pushed, as she had been years earlier, trying to learn to ride a bike. In no time at all, she was down the.

Okay, do it. Lights, brights, wipers, emergency brake. They fixed the broken back window with tape and a piece of cardboard. Mary sealed the seams with clear nail polish. Then the real lessons started. They went on an old road, columns of trees on both.

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