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This is, in fact, a section of the lava tube that did not collapse. After passing underneath the arch, the trail continues through more collapsed lava tube before finally arriving at the dark, foreboding entrance to Pluto Cave, the hellish reference seemingly appropriate. Collapsed ceiling.

Natures omission is compensated by the presence of Mount Shasta towering majestically to the south. The Cascade crest, including the Whaleback, Herd Peak and the Sheep Rock are all visible to the east, but the views are often obscured by tall, gnarled junipers. These peaks.

One will observe a narrow foot path running along the rim of the collapsed lava tube. Follow this trail north, passing the natural arch. Be sure to climb up onto the arch for a great view of part of the cave and Mount Shasta. Back.

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The odor indicates the presence of guano, the calling card of the bat community. This cave only extends about 70 or 80 feet before it is blocked off by a large cave-in. After taking a few minutes to explore the cave, reemerge into the daylight.

Once in the cave, the trail makes a mild descent through a large pile of rocks. Though it is possible to make ones own route through the rocks, there is a rough trail to be followed. As one passes through the craggy pile the drop.

However, the yawning caverns opening up in the rocky walls of the sink quickly reveal that this is no ordinary depression in the ground. When the trail finally reaches the edge of the collapsed area, a trail marker indicates the rocky route by which one.

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Though the other hikes in the. Shasta Valley are attractive and worthwhile, none offer the variety and interest as the Pluto Cave Trail. The Trail Volcanic features on the Pluto Cave Trail. The Pluto Cave Trail departs the trailhead in a westerly direction. Though they.

It is possible to follow the cave to its end. It is a dark and fascinating journey. Mount Eddy and China Mountain from the lava rampart. After having explored Pluto Cave, return back to the trail. Rather than going to the trailhead the way one.

The path is wide and at times dusty. A short distance from the trailhead it passes over an interesting rocky stretch. The stone here is rough lava, the layer that is elsewhere omni-present having been worn off or blown away. Still maintaining its westerly course.

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