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Thank you, STC! STC: How many times have you participated in STC seminars and whats your take? Stefano: I think it has been four or five times, but not enough! Ive learned so much, and you have opened my vision and set my mind to.

Serliana : I originate from a small village in Blitar Java, Indonesia. We had no running water, no bathroom, and mother cooked on an open fire. But life was simple, and it was home. We grew up poor; often we had barely enough to cook.

Serliana : There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to something as beautiful as sexuality. People paint curtains and see what they want to see. Im very open about the topic even though I am quite traditional about my heritage. STC: A.

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Taking care of people I love is my passion. I like to believe that this is also part of my culture. STC: What gets you going and turns you on? Serliana : This may sound little odd, but its me! I mean what turns me.

We hope that this is just one of many to come. Stefano: I sure hope so. Not only does this gives me ammo to look for more, but to be more selective than ever before. I would like to advance from here in hopes of a successful future in photography. Top 2017 Copyright m. All rights reserved.

Throughout all my experiences in life, one thing has carried me through the good times and bad times, and that is bravery: the courage of my heart and confidence in myself that I will always find my way. Part of my dream has now come.

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I left home at age 13 to find a better life. I found myself on the streets of various villages and big cities across Papua, Sulawesi, and Jakarta. At age 18 I finally found my way home to reunite with my family and from that.

Well have to wait and see. I like to keep a few surprises up my sleeve (or in my cleavage). See you all soon! Stefano Navarro Interview: STC: This pictorial might come to you as a surprise. Please dont hold it against us. Russians are.

Navarro shot the pictorial during the. STC Asia seminar as the last lesson of the day. Stefano captured the best angles and expressions of sexy. Serliana. We placed our bets on Serliana, and there are more payoffs yet to come. In the meantime, enjoy the.

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