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He has particular experience in cases of: Brain injury including hemiplegia, blindness and dysexecutive syndrome and where the issue of capacity is borderline. Spinal injury including paraplegia and tetraplegia, partial and total, and at different levels. Amputee cases at all levels, including bilateral amputation. Psychiatric.

James Rowley specializes in Personal Injuries litigation of maximum severity or special interest. His breadth of experience allows him to cover the entire spectrum of cases. An understanding of medical/expert evidence, numeracy and attention to detail in paperwork maximizes his client's position. James has a.

He had reacted to the presence of the pedestrian at the side of the road by taking his foot off the accelerator and steering towards the centre of the road; there had been insufficient time to brake and, consequently, no breach of his duty of.

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Stanley v Bryn Close t/a Armthorpe Moto Parc 20 (QB) - The court determined that a motor track operator was both vicariously and directly liable for the actions of one of its track marshals, following a collision between two motorcyclists, as it had failed to properly.

Chinook rescue helicopter attempted to land, the downwash causing further detonations. Issues on liability involving combat immunity and the duty of care; resources; practicalities; military planning and deployment of proper aircraft in Medevac. Samantha Roberts v MoD (2006) - Liability and quantum compromised on confidential terms.

Ministry immune under Statute prior to 1987 and with continuing Common Law combat immunity as widely defined. However, 4 of the 14 Lead Claimants established liability (subject to statutory immunity in early cases) for Bolam breaches in their care after combat. CBT and drug therapy.

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He has covered cases on liability involving almost every conceivable type of personal injury claim including: accidents on the roads accidents on construction sites, in factories and involving Occupiers Liability military accidents in training (including SAS selection in the Brecon Beacons) and disasters in Iraq.

(Represented the successful manufacturer, having admitted liability, in gaining contribution from the shopkeeper). Dunhill v Burgin A litigant's capacity to conduct proceedings was to be judged on the basis of the claim which she actually had, not on the basis of the claim as formulated.

Jebson v MOD2000 1 W.L.R. 2055, I.C.R. 1220 CA - "Ministry liable for injury after night out" - where an obligation of care was implied or assumed in respect of a person who was likely to be drunk, that liability could not be avoided because the person was inebriated. SAMPLE CURRENT CASES Too numerous to specify.  Relevant cases will be supplied on specific request.

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