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One of most well-known 'unsolved' murders in New Zealand. The murder of Detective Constable Duncan Taylor began like most other day for Detective Constable Duncan Taylor, and ended with instant death after being shot in the head and chest by a 17 year old. Kenneth.

The Mangamahu Murder, 1921 Geoge Gordon binged on Sandy McDonald whiskey for several days, then asked his bushmate to chop off his head. And he did. Auckland Naval Base Murders Joseph Burns, first person executed in European tradition, Mangakino Constable Murray Stretch Killed In The.

The Featherston Murder of Coral Burrows Sep 2003 6 year old Coral Burrows went missing at around 9am, Tuesday 9th September 2003. Wendy Snowdon Wendy Snowdon, aged 23, had her life brutally cut short by Gary McKinley when he attacked and raped her as she.

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Marie Jamieson The body of Marie Jamieson was discovered on Monday, February 19, 2001. It was found behind an engineering factory in Mihini Road, Ranui, West Auckland. Operation TAM - Olivia Hope and Ben Smart. Operation TAM - One of NZ's highest profile investigations. The.

Gail McFadyen Murder at Paekakariki Beach - The John James Murphy Case. Back to Crime.

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Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, convicted of murdering Parker's mother, Honora Mary Parker. Raymond Wahia Ratima This is a tragic story of lives cut short by a man who sought retribution from his family - June 26, 1992. Paul David.

John Barlow (The Thomas Murders) Eugene and Gene Thomas were found murdered in their offices in Wellington. The man convicted of the crime was John Barlow. This is the story. Minnie Dean Minnie Dean, the baby farmer, the first and last woman to be hung.

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