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She was born in London, Ontario on November 17th, 1978 (age 37). Her parents were Sandra Kay and Fredrick McAdams. She is of Scottish, English and Irish decent. She is the eldest in her family and is followed by a brother, Daniel and a sister.

She always wondered whether she would make it in the film industry or whether it was just a passing phase that every child goes through. She went ahead and studied theater at York university for 4 years and completed her degree in 2001even though in.

Rachel was born on November 17th, 1978. Rachel Adams is a Canadian actress who has been making films for 15 years now. The successful actress discovered her love for acting at the tender age of 12. Back then, as a small town girl, she would.

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Even though she had the potential to go pro and do more with her skating exploits, it eventually got relegated to being just a hobby. However, despite not exploring her possibilities in the sport, she did compete in different events over the years even winning.

Her search for Hollywood success landed her a role in the comedy The Hot Chick in which she was cast alongside Rob Schneider, effectively marking her Hollywood debut. Rachel Mcadams in her Hollywood debut The Hot Chick (2002) that really kicked off her actress career.

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My Name Is Tanino gave. McAdams some of her most memorable moments as a budding actor. The film had scenes that were shot in Sicily. While shooting the film, she got her first opportunity to fly at the age of 22. After dabbling with Canadian.

Her most notable performance during her years in York was in the MTV pilot, Short Gun Love Dolls in 2001 in which she came on as Beth Swanson. After finishing her degree, she started out in Canadian TV and film productions where she played roles.

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