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Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial in Vienna, resembling the shelves of a library with the pages turned outwards; and. Untitled Monument, her resin sculpture for the empty fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square. Contents Early life and education edit Whiteread was born in 1963 in. Ilford, 2.

It drew mixed responses, winning her both the Turner Prize for the best young British artist in 1993 and the K Foundation art award for the worst British artist. 21 She was the first woman to win a Turner Prize. 1 Tower Hamlets London Borough.

With the condition that this memorial could not be figurative and needed to represent all 65,000 lives and the camps they were executed at, Rachel Whiteread was chosen out of ten artists to create this monument. Her monument Nameless Library was erected in Judenplatz Square.

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26 Just as Ghost led on to the larger and better known House, so Water Tower led to the more public Trafalgar Square plinth work three years later. 8 Holocaust Monument a.k.a. Nameless Library (2000) edit During the Holocaust, 65,000 Austrian Jews were executed, and.

The inability to read these books allude to the lost lives of the 65,000 Austrian Jews whose stories are unable to be told leaving the viewer with a sense of loss and absence. These books have also been seen as referring to the Nazi book.

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This work can be seen as a descendant of Bruce Nauman 's concrete cast of the area under his chair of 1965. The critical response included: "like a field of large glace sweets, it is her most spectacular, and benign installation to date. Monuments to.

30 Unusually for a public work, she raised funds for the piece herself by selling maquettes (small preparatory models this was no small gesture with the mold alone costing over 100,000 and the total cost estimated at 225,000 31 The critical response included: "This dazzling.

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