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It was fun and a good way of letting people get to know me as a person.". At first, the pace of life in Los Angeles - the hard-core capitalism and the city-wide meat market - intimidated Lonny. "I was very nervous when I arrived.

In a series of hops, the family went westward: London, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and finally, Vancouver, British Columbia. Lonny enjoyed the nomadic life. "I'm the type of person who's very inquisitive. I've always wanted to see and experience everything. I once forced a boyfriend to.

Those eyes. Soft, brown and inviting. Lonny Chin's eyes seem to hide nothing. There's a disarming openness in her gaze that relaxes strangers and warms friends. Lonny wants to be liked, and she succeeds. Her magic potion is empathy. Thoughtful and sensitive, she gives her.

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Her father is Chinese / Jamaican, her mother Welsh / Swedish. She had barely perfected her Liverpudlian accent when her family boarded a liner bound for the Canadian shore. The seven-day journey was not pleasant. "The entire family was seasick Lonny recalls. To top it.

Of course, I didn't know at the time that you just don't do that!". A few months ago, Lonny moved to Los Angeles, where she is currently pursuing a career as a model. Very successfully. "I was lucky enough to be chosen as the first.

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4 In 1990, Taylor toured with Indecent Obsession as the support act for Debbie Gibson. After becoming friends, Gibson invited Taylor to go to New York City, where she then lived for a year. During this time Gibson wrote and produced five tracks on Taylor.

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Alexis Skyy Mcfarland (born July 14, 1994) is an American reality television personality, entrepreneur, actress, and model. She is best known from being on Vh1s tv show Love Hip Hop: Hollywood and Love Hip Hop: New York. Skyy has received media attention for her relationship with rapper Fetty Wap.

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