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Despite being a Canon Ambassador in Slovenia, I also own several other camera brands (Hasselblad and Arri to name a few) and I am always up for a photographic challenge with new gear that crosses my path. Using two Canon bodies (the 50 megapixel 5DsR.

Phase One camera system The strobes were all from Hensel: One Expert D 1000 with a 34 Hensel softbox at power, one Expert D 1000 with 13 Hensel strip for fill below at power, one Expert D 1000 with a 10-degree grid on a standard.

I can safely say now that we chose wisely. Behind the scenes images from the set Click the images above to enlarge. S ee all the behind the scenes images here. Join us for our Miami, April seminar for another live Playboy cover shoot and see it first-hand how its done! 2016 Copyright m. All rights reserved.

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Shoot The Centerfold seminar workshop, giving lectures with Jarmo Pohjaniemi on the art of becoming a successful photographer and mastering different forms of lighting. The attendees had the opportunity of witnessing the creation of a magazine cover from the very basic idea to the final.

Jarmo and I were talking about what makes a photograph good or bad, what makes or breaks the pose and what kinds of pictures please the editors or make them angry. One of the shortlisted photographs from the session was published on this months cover.

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I put a California Sunbounce PRO white/silver three-quarters to the left side and a black Sunbounce PRO three-quarters above to shadow the harsh mid-day sunlight. The light meter showed 1/500s at f/10 and ISO 100 and this was the setting for all the shots. I.

Capture One and to an iPad for instant focus confirmation. Dave Gallagher took the DIT helm for the shoot. The camera I fired up was a Phase. One IQ3 60 (with 60 megapixel CCD) and I mounted the Schneider LS 240mm/4.5 lens for the lovely.

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