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Myron Floren was a featured performer on the Lawrence Welk Show and considered to be the finest accordionist of his era. Floren was born in Roslyn, South Dakota, the eldest of seven children.  When Myron was seven years old, he talked his father into ordering.

Myron chose "Lady of Spain".  The crowd and Lawrence loved it and he was offered a job with Welk that night.  Welk's manager, Sam Lutz, recommended against hiring him because he thought that Welk would be upstaged by Myron's superior accordion playing. When Sam told.

So, he enlisted in the USO and entertained the troops overseas.   Upon his return from the war, he and. Berdyne lived in Sioux Falls where Myron had a radio show. In 1946, they moved to St. Louis where he joined the "Buckeye Four a.

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Nicknamed the "Happy Norwegian Myron continued performing until his death in 2005. He is survived by his wife, Berdyne, and five daughters, including Kristie, who is married to dancer Bobby Burgess. Myron Floren Incredible Rendition Of Tico Tico.

He credits the development of his strong finger and forearm strength to milking the cows on the farm. Myron attended Augustana College in Sioux Falls, where he moonlighted teaching accordion for the Williams. Music Company.  One of his students was Berdyne. Koerner, his future wife.

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