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Swimming was another passion, gaining her a position as a lifeguard at an aquatic park while still in high school, but it was then that her focus changed from sports to fashion. Maryse attended Collge Montmorency de Laval obtaining a degree in Business Administration. Maryse.

Joining dozens of other WWE hopefuls Maryse trained with the best and brightest in the field of entertainment wrestling. In those two years she learned English and perfected her famous finishing moves known as the "French Kiss" and the "French TKO". Often referred to as.

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Powered by imdb When the heads of the World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) industry began a search for the sport's next "Diva" in 2006, they did not know what they had in store for them. Scouring the United States with camera crews in tow, the WWE.

In 2006 with some encouragement from friends, Maryse decided to combine her love of modeling and sports and audition for WWE's Diva Search. Standing at an impressive 5'8" and holding a black belt in martial arts, the stunning blonde stood out amongst her counterparts. Maryse.

The world's largest toy company, Mattel, has created three dolls in the likeness of Maryse. All of which have become fan favorites. Owner of House of Maryse, she will be launching her Jewelry collection in summer 2012. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Maryse travels around.

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Nobody saw Maryse coming but she's definitely here. Maryse Ouellet was born January 21st in Montreal, Canada to a well known master chef and a compassionate nurse, but something in her genes destined her to become the planet's toughest beauty. Growing up a tomboy in.

In 2009 Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Maryse #9 of the best 50 female singles wrestlers. Maryse is the fastest rising WWE wrestler ever, obtaining a title in less than sixth months from her debut in competition. Maryse averages over five million downloads a month on.

The new turn in her career allowed her to travel and see the world. Maryse has modeled for Playboy being featured in 12 different playboy special editions, gracing the cover three times, her appearance in Playboy Vixens sold out in less then twenty four hours.

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