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Shes hiding her writing paper underneath her sewing at the table. Shes full of rage and sadness. All that clouds her writing. I was fascinated by that. Just because a.

So I went to the dentist probably six months ago. I had a bunch of cavities to be filled and I was nervous. I like to listen to something if I have to go to the dentist and Id forgotten. Sorry, you listen to headphones.

Oscar buzz for its star. Though Gyllenhaal s approach always humane, always intelligent has remained steadfast since she broke out with 2002s. Secretary, lately she says, something in myself its hard to say exactly what has shifted. That shift, as well as a great many.

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Nick Cave seems intense for the dentists chair. Laughs. I had been listening to him, yeah. God, I take good care of my teeth and it doesnt fucking matter because I always have cavities. Anyway, I was going to the dentist and I didnt have.

I feel like theres something happening in this movie thats new, and I think people dont make noises like the ones Ive heard in the screenings otherwise. Can you pinpoint what that new thing is? There was something in The Kindergarten Teacher in the way.

I didnt anticipate how consuming Id find it. I missed a bunch of work stuff I was supposed to do because I didnt do anything other than watch. I found it shocking how little performance there was to her testimony. In contrast to Kavanaugh? I.

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Ford was in who are so lacking in a performance aspect. Even though it was difficult to watch, to see somebody being so human in that moment felt so moving. Im wondering if there are connections between your feelings in that regard and your work.

Photo: Ryan Pfluger for Vulture Im not interested in showing the wish of what it looks like to be human, says. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Im interested in showing what it actually looks like. Thats exactly what the actress has done with her work as prostitute turned.

Because whats underneath a performance is whats most vulnerable, most human, most interesting. And we arent fed a lot of that. Instead were told what it looks like to love or what a powerful woman looks like. And a lot of times thats an oversimplified.

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