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Romeo and Juliet. The play was a production by the Nairobi-based repertory company Phoenix Players under which. Lupita also performed in the plays On The Razzle and There Goes The Bride. According to the budding star at the time, American actresses Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey.

Afterwards, Lupita took the industry by storm and became a force to reckon with. She starred in several stage plays and movies including Non-Stop (2014 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Eclipsed (2015) The Jungle Book (2016 Queen of Katwe (2016  reprised her role as.

Read Also: Lisa Bonet Children, Husband, Daughter, Parents and Family Life of The Actress Lupita Nyongo Boyfriend image source For what its worth, Lupita is seemingly too busy for love. She has dedicated her all in making a name and taking her career to different.

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Though she identifies as Kenyan-Mexican, having a dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship, the Hollywood star is actually of Luo descent on both sides of her family and since its the tradition of her people to name a child after the events of the day, she.

The film was met with a unanimous critical acclaim with much applaud for Lupita who took on the role of Patsey with grit and radiant grace Lupita didnt just swing to prominent fame after her big break but was also nominated for several prominent awards.

Image source Hollywood darling Lupita Nyongo has not been in the industry for so long but we just cant imagine not having her around. The African beauty is a Kenyan-Mexican actress who has stolen the hearts of many since she took the industry by storm.

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MTV Africa Music Award for Personality of the Year 2014. Notably, you can find more awards and nominations under her belt here.

While she was born in Mexico, Lupita spent most part of her early years in Kenya. Shes multilingual and is fluent in English, her native language Luo, Spanish, Swahili and a little bit of Italian. Lupita Nyongo Brief Bio (Age) Lupita was born on March.

Lupita s family later returned to Kenya when she was barely one year old. This follows her fathers appointment as a professor at the University of Nairobi. Subsequently, the actress spent her years growing up in Nairobi, in what she likes to call a middle.

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