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His death cannot be improved on. All we have to do now is trust him for that great work. We do not add to it. So when Paul says that our worship is to present our bodies as a sacrifice he does not mean that.

Mercy must aim to make much of Christ. No one is saved who doesnt meet and make much of Christ. And not to care about saving is not merciful. Before we give ourselves in mercy, we give ourselves in worship. Tweet. Share on Facebook Therefore.

So even though his words do carry Gods authority, he uses this authority in a gentle and merciful way that models for us what he is about to command from us. First, a Life of Worship But today we notice something very significant in verse.

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What God wants from us is a body that does mercy, not the body of Britney Spears or Mr. World. God wants visible, lived-out, bodily evidence that our lives are built on his mercy. Just as worshipers in the Old Testament denied themselves some earthly.

We do no one good in the end if we are not worshiping and leading them to worship in the acts of mercy that we do. If our good deeds are not expressing the worth of God, then our deeds are not worship, and in.

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The body is given to us to make visible the beauty of Christ. Tweet Share on Facebook God doesnt demand our bodies because he wants models for Mademoiselle or Planet Muscle. He demands our bodies because he wants models of mercy. I think we should.

It may be your own home, or it may be Senegal. 2. Living Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiri).

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