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This experience proved to be key for Lauren. Seeing my own progress photos is like adding fuel to the fire. Results are really really addictive and I tell everyone to take a before photo just for themselves once you see the hard work pay off.

29, Lauren had reached her ambition of becoming a professional Bikini Athlete after earning her Pro Card with her first place prize. But she was only getting started. She never stopped working hard, and entered her first competition in the professional division, only 4 months after.

Training Lauren trains 4 days a week to keep her physique lean, but doesnt have scheduled days for different muscle groups she prefers to constantly mix things up as she fears shell get bored by routines. She trains cardio 4-5 days a week when maintaining.

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She had over-trained during the build up, not allowing her body to grow because she wasnt taking any rest days. She had also under-eaten at times, in an attempt to get lean faster and miscalculated her macros. Lauren began to correct her mistakes, and her physique.

This was a decision that would change her life as she knew it. She knew that she only had two weeks to prepare, but it was this determination that would see her eventually succeed. During her competition prep, she dropped 13lb in 14 days. Although she.

I respect all forms of fitness and basically the love of life. If you are full of passion and life, I can totally dig that and support it one hundred percent. Nutrition Lauren makes sure to eat 4-5 meals a day, of lean protein, healthy.

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This way, you can become a more driven and better person.

Determined to sculpt a body shed be proud of, the outcast began watching videos and learning about how to get into shape. The ex-Westboro Baptist members first steps into the industry took the form of Cross-fit. She began competing locally, and this is where she learned all.

Her favorite cheat meal is green tea ice cream. Ive looked up to other women in the past that lost my respect when they turned out to be selfish or jealous. Idols and Influences Lauren gains her motivation from many fitness models and athletes. However.

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