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Make it easier to start and grow a business. While South Dakotas regulatory environment is favorable in many instances, it can still be difficult to know exactly whats required of a new business and what opportunities are out there to support a companys growth. With.

Agenda: Freedom to Build. Maintain South Dakotas low-tax legacy. The average South Dakota family of four will receive a 2,400 tax cut because of my work with President Trump last year. As one of 5 representatives from the 435-member House to negotiate the final tax.

Kickstarting the Economy South Dakota does a lot of things right, but our economy is falling behind. In fact, the latest Bureau of Economic Analysis report ranks South Dakota last for both GDP and personal income growth. We can do better. As governor, my goal.

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As governor, I would do the same, working with the congressional delegation and leveraging my own relationships with federal leadership to protect our rights and way of life as South Dakotans. Protection from Government Secrecy. Voters have repeatedly supported government integrity measures at the ballot.

Respect and reward work. Too often, government programs fail to reward work and instead increase dependency. Work requirements, which have been central to the reforms Ive championed for Medicaid and food stamps, can help reverse that. If elected, I will continue, and look to expand.

Job creation is up. And despite leaving more money in peoples pockets, the resulting economic growth is expected to increase federal revenues 1 trillion over the long term, helping stabilize the budget. I will apply these same low-tax, pro-growth principles as governor and veto efforts.

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Improving Education's Impact We cannot underestimate the influence of a good education. Students gain confidence and upward mobility, communities often experience decreased crime rates, and employers get access to a skilled workforce, bringing good jobs and higher wages to the area. In many ways, South.

Let the country know South Dakota is Open for Business! We are home to an advantageous tax structure, an independent streak that helps keep regulations at a minimum, and a legendary work ethic backed by top-performing universities and technical schools. Through the Governors Office of.

4 Pillars of Protection Protection from Tax Increases. South Dakota is one of just seven states without an income tax and we need to keep it that way. As governor, I pledge to veto efforts to increase taxes, and Ive put that commitment in writing.

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