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Citation: rueman "The Medieval Church".uk. The History Learning Site, The Medieval Church played a far greater role in. Medieval England than the Church does today. In. Medieval England, the Church dominated everybodys life. All Medieval people be they village peasants or towns people believed that.

Those who did the skilled work had to belong to a guild. They would have used just the most basic of tools and less than strong scaffolding to do the ceilings. However, if you were killed in an accident while working in a cathedral or.

What the Church got in tithes was kept in huge tithe barns ; a lot of the stored grain would have been eaten  by rats or poisoned by their urine. A failure to pay tithes, so the peasants were told by the Church, would lead.

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One of the reasons Henry VIII wanted to reform the  Church was get hold of the Catholic Churchs money. People were too scared not to pay tithes despite the difficulties it meant for them. You also had to pay for baptisms (if you were not.

Medieval monasteries dominated the church in Medieval England. Share with friends.

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It would have been much larger than a Medieval peasants cruck house. Important cities would have cathedrals in them. The most famous cathedrals were at. Canterbury and York. After the death of. Thomas Becket, Canterbury Cathedral became a center for pilgrimage and the city grew.

Whichever way you looked, the Church received money. Archbishops Palace in Maidstone, Kent The Church also did not have to pay taxes. This saved them a vast sum of money and made it far more wealthy than any king of England at this time. The.

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