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Now before all you NitTwits out there write me off, read on for a little bit. There are some things that are good about Twitter. Most are not easy to find, but theyre there if you are willing to work a bit. Ill explain. On.

Another gunman killed five people in Louisiana. All that and we focused on an idiot like Stone. It doesnt take 280 characters to make the case that a national state of emergency isnt at the southern border. Its at the NRA headquarters. If the President.

From his description, its hard to believe he was able to pull it all together in time to make a speech, do a few radio interviews, and then finish it off with a couple of cable news shows, all while hoping someone would ask him.

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Margaret, I know you dont Tweet unless you are talking to your parrots. And for what its worth, I told you those things would outlive us. I know you thought I was stupid to get on the Twitter. Well, I should have listened to you.

After 4,542 characters and one President without character, we arrive at my point: With all that news to offer on Friday, that same evening the Washington Post tweeted out this headline for a story: Texas officials flag tens of thousands of voters for citizen checks.

One day the history books will tell the story of how Trump became president because a bunch of racists inbred to the point that they had the attention span of a gnat. If your family tree goes in a straight line, Ive got a red.

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Anyway, back to the point of this story. Immediately the Cheeto in Chief tweeted from the White House that Roger Stone was treated more unfairly than drug dealers and border coyotes.  I find that pretty rich coming from Trump. Unless Rogers wife was put in.

And speaking of assholes, can Tucker Carlson pull his head out of his long enough to see where role modeling Bill OReilly is going to take him? A loofah, a hot shower and Lindsey Graham.  No wait. What? That doesnt make any sense. But it.

All because you think an immigrant stole your job. Well heres 280 characters for you: An immigrant who achieves the American Dream didnt steal anything from you or your family. They just wanted it more than you and worked harder than you. And they did.

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