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At the time, people wondered if the whole thing was for clout. but after being spotted several times together - including a bikini beach date - and now a movie? Whatever this is, it's awesome.

Breaking News Remember the guy who landed a date with a smokin' hot tennis star all 'cause the Patriots won the Super Bowl? The incredibly unlikely story of Genie Bouchard 's popular fling with a 20-year-old fan is heading to the silver screen with a movie.

Dude basically hit the lotto. 'cause the Pats pulled off the insane upset, and John got his date. And, then another date. And, then another. Now. Goehrke is getting a freakin' movie made about how he shot his shot with one of the most attractive.

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22 References edit External links edit).

4 As a child, Olsen received ballet and singing lessons. 5 She began acting at a young age, with appearances in her sisters' films. Before the age of 11, Olsen had small roles in How the West Was Fun and the straight-to-video series The Adventures.

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And the hiring of Hammon will speed the process. "I'd love to see a female commissioner one day. There are so many roles in the NBA that are yet to fill. I think even if we start to fill a few of them we'll start.

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