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In 1988, the couple started Loaf and Kisses, a gourmet crouton company. Drescher also reprised her role as a loud-mouthed New Yorker in Cadillac Man (1990 with co-stars Robin Williams and Tim Robbins, as well as in the short-lived 1991 television series "Princesses." 'The Nanny'.

Aspiring Actress After graduating in 1975, the inseparable. Drescher and Jacobson started school at Queens College, but quickly dropped out. Instead, they enrolled in cosmetology school and regularly commuted to nearby New York City for auditions. Both realized that their theatrical aspirations were long shots.

Known mostly for her outrageous leading role on the 1990s sitcom The Nanny, Fran Drescher also has appeared in numerous films and is a published author. Synopsis Born Francine Joy Drescher in Flushing, Queens, on September 30, 1957, Fran Drescher became famous for her starring.

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While in Europe, Drescher visited legendary model and "Princesses" co-star, Twiggy Lawson. Interacting with Lawson's children sparked an idea for a new TV show: Drescher would star as Fran Fine, the big-hearted, big-mouthed, big-haired nanny to three upper-class children of a widowed aristocrat (played by.

The show follows a couple that splits up after the husband realizes that he is gay. This situation somewhat mirrors Drescher 's own marriage with Jacobson. In an interview with the Huffington Post, she explained that 'On the show, they split because hes gay. In.

Writing and Activism In 1996, Drescher released her first book, Enter Whining, and teamed up with Robin Williams once again for a role in the big picture release, Jack. With the success of her sitcom well underway, Drescher and Jacobson established their own production company.

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Early Life Actress, producer, writer, comedian. Francine Joy. Drescher was born in Flushing, Queens, on September 30th, 1957, as the youngest of two children. Drescher 's mother Sylvia was a bridal consultant and father, Mort, was a systems analyst for the U.S. Navy. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks.

In 1986, Drescher and her husband encountered misfortune when they became the target of a violent attack. Two assailants bound and gagged Jacobson, and sexually assaulted Drescher and a female friend. While the attackers were eventually caught and imprisoned, the episode was deeply traumatic. The.

Once again, she used her personal experiences-in this case, dating a significantly younger man-as fodder for her on-air exploits, but the WB series didn't last long. Since then, she has become an outspoken cancer activist. She launched her own Cancer Schmancer Movement in 2007, and.

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