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The flap is also a variant of /r/ in other varieties such as. South African English, Scottish English, and older varieties of Received Pronunciation (see Pronunciation of English /r/ ). Contents Terminology edit The terms flap and tap are often used synonymously, although some authors.

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University of Chicago Press. ISBN. Hayes, Bruce (2009). Introductory Phonology. Blackwell. ISBN -3. Horvath, Barbara M. (2004). "Australian English: phonology". In Schneider, Edgar W.; Burridge, Kate ; Kortmann, Bernd; Upton, Clive. A Handbook of Varieties of English. Volume 1: Phonology. Mouton de Gruyter. pp. 625644. doi : 1.

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It leads to the neutralization of the distinction between /t/ and /d/ in appropriate environments, a partial merger of the two phonemes, provided that both /t/ and /d/ are flapped. Some speakers, however, flap only /t/ but not /d/. For speakers with the merger, the.

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Journal of Phonetics. 26 (3 283310. doi : 10.1006/jpho.1998.0077. Fox, Kirsten (2011). VCE English Language: Exam Guide (2nd ed.). Insight Publications. ISBN 1193-9. Goldsmith, John (2011). "The Syllable". In Goldsmith, John; Riggle, Jason; Yu, Alan C. L. The Handbook of Phonological Theory (2nd ed.). Wiley-Blackwell.

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In Western Apache, intervocalic /t/ similarly is realized as in intervocalic position. The process occurs even between words. However, tapping is blocked when /t/ is the initial consonant of a stem so tapping occurs only when /t/ is stem-internal or in a prefix. Unlike English.

In addition to vowels, segments that may precede the flap include /r/ (as in party ) and occasionally /l/ (as in faulty ). Syllabic /l/ may also follow the flap (as in bottle ). Word-medially, the vowel following the flap must not only be unstressed.

Phonetic change of -t- and -d- between vowels in some English dialects. For other uses, see Flap (disambiguation). Flapping or tapping, also known as alveolar flapping, intervocalic flapping, or t -voicing, is a phonological process found in many dialects of. English, especially North American English.

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