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1 Also in June, McPhee performed at the J.C. Penney Jam: Concert for America's Kids, 23 soloing with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and performing a duet with Andrea Bocelli on "Somos Novios". McPhee's Idol single, " Somewhere Over the Rainbow/My Destiny " was released on.

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15 An audience of 10,000, including the mayor and chief of police, was said to have attended the lynching of Jesse Washington in Waco, Texas, in 1916. 16 As well as being hanged, victims were sometimes tortured first and burned alive; body parts were removed.

23 By the time she returned home for a second time on, Percy Shelley had become estranged from his wife and was regularly visiting Godwin, whom he had agreed to bail out of debt. 24 Percy Shelley's radicalism, particularly his economic views, which he had.

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66744 Egberdina Johanna KOLTHOF, geboren op te Groningen, dochter van Daniel Fredrik KOLTHOF (zie 66745) en Marijke SCHULS (zie 66746). Gehuwd op 22-jarige leeftijd op te Groningen met Jan SCHOENMAKER, 24 jaar oud (zie 66354).

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