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12 Under her teaching, Housel was able to decode 3,300 messages within 21 months. In October and November 1929, she was then recruited in Houston, Texas, to solve 650 smuggling traffic cases that had been subpoenaed by the United States Attorney. In doing so, she.

Enciphered communications about their criminal activities were relayed by bootleggers and smugglers to protect their operations. Anti-prohibitionists provided Friedman and her team of cryptanalysts with numerous opportunities to hone their codebreaking skills during her employment with the U.S. Treasury Department. She led the cryptanalytic effort.

9 Government service edit The Volstead Act (1919) forbade the manufacture, sale, import, or export of intoxicating liquors. Prevailing conditions during the period known as Prohibition (192033 however, encouraged illegal activity. Further, as radio equipment became less cumbersome, less conspicuous, and more sophisticated, it afforded.

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From 1927 to 1939, the unit was critical during a very active period of smuggling in the United States, and so was eventually folded into the U.S. Coast Guard. Friedman solved the bulk of intercepts collected by Coast Guard stations in San Francisco and Florida.

1 Friedman began working at Riverbank in 1916. 8 At Riverbank Laboratories, Friedman founded one of the first facilities in the U.S. to study cryptography. Riverbank gathered historical information on secret writing. Until MI8, the Army's Cipher Bureau, was created during World War I, Riverbank was.

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The Canadian government filed a 350,000 suit against the U.S., but the intelligence gleaned from the twenty-three messages decoded by Friedman indicated de facto U.S. ownership just as the U.S. had originally suspected. As a consequence, the true owners of the ship were identified and.

It also allowed her to stay one step ahead of the smugglers. In addition to her cryptanalytic successes, she was often called to testify in cases against accused parties. The messages she deciphered or decoded enabled her to implicate several smugglers operating in the Gulf.

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