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(Also available in all white sauce with mushrooms.)   10.99 / 7.59 Manicotti Long thin tubular noodles stuffed with ricotta cheese, served in a bed of meat sauce and covered with rich cream sauce and parmigiano cheese.  9.99 / 6.99. Lasagna Layers of lasagna, meat.

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Baked Chicken Carbonara Thin, flat noodles prepared in a rich cream sauce with oven roasted chicken and fresh bacon; topped with provel cheese and baked to perfection.  14.99 / 8.99. Pasta with Broccoli Shell shaped noodles served in a rich cream sauce with fresh sliced mushrooms.

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1 day ago Glamorous lingerie model Shanina Shaik was in the middle of flaunting her dazzling corsetted gown at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars party when she suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction.

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