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The most recent works are those by Valery Koshlyakov the series Postcards dating from 2012. Many works presented in the Museums collection have been brought back to their homeland thanks to the efforts of the Museums founder. Among them are Nikolai Bogdanov-Belskys Summer and Boris.

The work done by the team of the museum in the past two years has been recognized by the international art community and it was included as a member of the prestigious International Councils of Museums (ICOM ). THE MUSEUM 'S COLLECTION The permanent exposition.

He "chained" a brick building in the shiny perforated metal, made the inner ceiling, dividing the building into five floors. As a result, flour warehouse turned into a real museum complex. It easily accommodated three exhibition halls with a total area of 1000 m2. At.

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In 2012 British architectural bureau John McAslan Partners began the project of restoration of the former flour warehouse of unusual shape - a cylinder with a rectangular parallelepiped on the roof and its conversion into a modern museum. AFTER RESTORATION Today the Bolshevik complex conserves.

The pictures produced by the brushes of Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Yury Pimenov have too rarely been exhibited to date and now are displayed in the Museum of Russian Impressionism. Welcome to the ground floor of the Museum! BEFORE RESTORATION. The Museum of Russian Impressionism.

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Products produced here included sweets, marmalade, marshmallows, pies, liqueur chocolates, ice-cream, biscuits and jams. After the Revolution, in 1918, production was nationalised, and Factory No. 3 was rechristened Bolshevik in the 1920s. It was considered one of the biggest such enterprises in Europe in the.

The main adornment of Bolshevik is the Museum of Russian impressionism. Famous architects from London, experts of conservation, restoration and renovation of historical buildings, the authors of the project of renewal of the famous London railway station King's Cross, decided to keep the cylindrical shape.

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