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Daphne and Celeste (also typeset Daphne Celeste) are an American pop duo, comprising Celeste Cruz (born September 24, 1983, Newark, New Jersey, United States) and Karen 'Daphne' DiConcetto (born December 1, 1980, Long Branch, New Jersey, United States). They are best known for their songs Ooh Stick You and U.G.L.Y.

Daphne's restaurant is a modern and relaxed Italian local, offering a menu of seasonal Italian dishes, located between Chelsea and South Kensington with a private dining room for hire. Daphnes conservatory can accommodate up to 40 guests for a private lunch or dinner.

The idea for using Daphne as a turning buoy came from bingo. 22 in the game is known as two little ducks, and this is the 22nd swimming competition.

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SHOW studio is an award-winning fashion website, founded and directed by Nick Knight, that has consistently pushed the boundaries of communicating fashion online. SHOW studio has pioneered fashion film and is now recognised as the leading force behind this new medium, offering a unique platform to nurture and encourage fashion to engage with moving image in the digital age.

Robert Hamer (director and co-screenwriter) and Gore Vidal (screenwriter) combined their writing skills with the exquisite artistry of Daphne Du Maurier as Alec Guinness and a solid supporting cast lent their peculiar talent to incarnate the script.

Daphne Diana Joan Susanna Guinness (born 9 November 1967) is a British and Irish heiress, socialite, fashion designer, art collector, model, musician, film producer and actor. She is a direct descendent of the 18th century Irish brewer Arthur Guinness.

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This is a brilliant book by Valerie Steele and Daphne Guinness! I love the layout! It is so easy to read and so much fun. Anyone who appreciates the fine art that is DAPHNE GUINNESS.

Founded in 1969 by the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Museum at FIT is a specialized fashion museum famous for its innovative and award-winning exhibitions. The museum has been the site of more than 200 exhibitions since the 1970s, and Exhibitionism commemorates approximately 33 of the most influential of these, including Fashion and Surrealism (1987 a groundbreaking show that).

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