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Its endlessthe food! What sort of music do you like to listen to? It really depends. I go from Kanye and Chance the Rapper to Oasis; classic rock to Fatboy Slim. Do you have a fashion pet peeve? I really dont like sandals that lace.

Almost Famous and Ferris Buellers Day Off. Those are my happy movies. When did you get into modeling? It started with my interest in photography, but then my interests shifted and I got more into acting. Ive always wanted to expand what I was doing.

This past December, McGregor was offered a contract with Wilhelmina models, joining the likes of. Hopper Penn and an ever-growing list of signed scions. In fact, her first, just-released campaign for the brand Fay was with Bob Dylan's grandson, Levi Dylan, who is also signed.

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This New York Fashion Weekas with most fashion weeks latelythere will be a new celebrity scion sitting front row: Clara McGregor. The eldest daughter of Scottish actor Ewan. McGregor and French production designer Eve Mavrakis, McGregor, 20, is stunning and unpretentious. She prefers all-black jeans.

Yeah, theyre always very realistic with me about the struggles that come with being in the public eye. Theyre super supportive, but theyve also warned me. What do you do for fun in New York? I love going thrift shopping and to museums, especially the.

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I really keep things simple and Im still trying to figure out my own style. I tend to just wear all-black. Do you have any style icons or inspirations that you look to? So many. For brands, I love Marni, Marc Jacobs, and. Calvin Klein.

Im a Cinema Studies major and Business of Entertainment minor. Youre set! Have you seen any movies recently that you liked? I just saw Gold, which was pretty good. I loved. La La Land. But I have a list; Im going to go see. Moonlight.

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