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Pretty Brown Eyes crooner. What I do want to talk about is emotional abuse and how when you are abused emotionally, and youre torn from one way to the other, and you feel that you need to express yourself in some way, do what you.

You need to build yourself back up. You need to build your life back up. You need to build your friend groups back up, and you need to get out of the stanky a, gross relationship that you were in, and thats how you heal.

Uh oh! Cody Simpson s ex-girlfriend Clair Wuestenberg just took to Instagram to accuse the. Anastasia star of emotional abuse. Wait, what? You heard that correctly, folks. Apparently, the 22-year-old broke up with the model in a really horrible way, leaving her heartbroken and wanting.

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Instagram While that alone is enough to raise eyebrows, the model didnt stop there. Without specifically naming any names, she revealed on her Instagram Stories that the singer broke up with her and that he allegedly treated her terribly while they were together. The more.

Dont let somebody tell you that youre overly emotional about a situation, she said. No, dude. You treated me like garbage. Go fk yourself. Go fk everything. Im done. After the model finished expressing her frustrations and explaining the importance of getting out of emotionally.

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I guess I should address the situation so people know what Im talking about. My boyfriend broke up with me, and in a really, really shty way. Id like to tell everybody about it, but Im sure it would be not so good for his.

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