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Rossi had said in her complaint Sheen did not tell her his status until after they had engaged in unprotected sex five times and she found his medication. Sheen also denied many of Rossi's other claims in that complaint, including that he was ever physically abusive.

Neigh-bor: Rossi's spare time is spent with her horses, and she teased at one point: 'I also have started a secret mainstream project that involves Donuts.'. Rossi admitted to signing the NDA saying she did so shortly after arriving at his home to have sex.

Published: 01:38 GMT, Updated: 10:58 GMT, Brett Rossi, who just three years ago was engaged to be married to actor Charlie Sheen, is opening up about love, life and the new direction her career is taking in an interview with m. 'I'm doing wonderful! I.

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Beyond that, Rossi said she has no desire to forecast her future and is more focused on living in the present, where she spends much of her free time riding her horses. 'I just recently rescued another horse, she is a race horse and comes.

Changing industry: Rossi has now started to work in the world of virtual reality porn as both an actor and director. There was also talk of Sheen, with Rossi noting that the two 'only speak through attorneys.'. When asked about Sheen's HIV diagnosis and her claims.

That is all in the past for the most part however, with Rossi using it as a learning experience. 'If I knew what I know now about addiction and my past relationship with an addict who was abusive toward me both physically and emotionally, I.

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Multiple angles with regular camera work.'. Rosi is also keeping busy, with a number of projects in the works, and even a tour. 'In July, I am directing my second title and I'm currently in the middle of my feature dance tour said Rossi. 'I'll.

Should be punished explained the 28-year-old actress. Rossi filed a 5million lawsuit against Sheen in December of 2015 for assault and battery after first claiming Sheen did not disclose his HIV status. Sheen fired back by filing court documents claiming Rossi not only knew that.

Ongoing litigation: She and Sheen are still battling it out in court in their domestic assault case 'm was so great! I personally enjoyed doing VR scenes with Reality Lovers, because it's all very intimate said Rossi of working on the virtual reality porn website. 'It's.

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