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Boobpedia - Encyclopedia of big boobs. Jump to: navigation, search A list of models with pale areolas or nearly invisible areolas. Retrieved from " m/wiki/p?titleList_of_models_with_pale_areolas oldid593031 ".

"Gay TV history The Orlando Sentinel, April 30, 1997, page E1. a b c Taylor Cole Miller. "Don't Drop the Soap: American Television's Long-Lost Lesbian", The Huffington Post, May 28, 2013. Randee Heller on IMDb a b Hochberg, Mina. "Q A with Randee Heller" Archived.

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As far as known, this actress not tied the holy with anyone to date, which means Ana is yet to have a husband. Apparently, the beautiful star from 'The Big Wedding' never had a wedding. Nevertheless, this lady appears to be contented spending good times.

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