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Water clarity and cleanliness. If your water appears cloudy, without a reason, such as the tank is cycling or medication, look for dead fish. Lift rocks, castles, and check under air stones. Remove any you find. Be sure you are not over-feeding the tank. Green.

Tropical fish being treated for ich, velvet or flukes: 83 degrees for 5 days. Comet goldfish, Koi, between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, unless they are dormant. Always adjust temperature slowly. Aeration. Check airlines for flow, pump for efficiency. (Remove hose from pump blow through.

1 oz. treats 1200 gals. Hospital Tank Supplies Hospital Tank Recommended Supply List Small tank or container of known volume. Recommend 5.5 gal or 10 gal tank for easy dosing. Sponge filter with air pump, Aquaclear Mini, or corner filter with air pump. Media must.

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I don't know why.) A powerhead or external filter may need its impeller cleaned (this involves rinsing under a faucet if waterflow is diminished. External filters and canisters seem to require more frequent impeller replacements, (about every 2 years than powerheads. (I've never changed one.

I only test for chlorine if I suspect a problem, probably twice in 15 years. If you are not skimping on dechlorinator, and the bottle says it breaks chloramine lock, your dechlorinated water should be OK unless your city has greatly increased the amount of.

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A single dose (4 oz.)Fritz-Zyme corrected the situation and relieved the fish's stress while I continued medicating their illness. No additional doses of Fritz Zyme were required once the medicine run was complete. The tank's filter was held in a healthy condition, not replaced by.

There is NO comparable product. (and major university studies agree.) Environmental Factors Checklist Temperature. For tropical egg-layers, between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Tropical live-bearers, between 70 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Fish being quaranted for Enteric Septicemia: Platies and rainbowfish: 70-71 deg Fahrenheit for at.

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