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They aren't stretching me at all; it's my size, definitely.". Click to page two for more from Huffine and another look at that infamous cover. How do you feel when you see comments where people are saying you don't look plus size? "There is nothing.

"I find that so frustrating. Would you like to come to my house and watch me try to button this shirt over my breasts? 'Cause it is not going to happen. I am feeling the same things you are feeling. We are all proportioned differently.

The complete look is a staple you would have and be chic in forever. On the day of the collection's release, I snagged the colorblocked, tunic shirtdress. I love the masculine, oversized look of a button-down shirt and the beautiful touch of feminine brocade on.

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Vogue (yes, with Kimye) both as a contributor and a model showcasing an outfit from the first plus-size designer collaboration between Isabel Toledo and Lane Bryant, we knew this was a truly special moment. Sure, Huffine's graced the pages of V and Harper's Bazaar and.

What's it really like appearing in. Vogue? "It is something I've been thinking about since I was a little girl posing in the mirror. I always hoped this would be possible, and now it is. I am just so happy!". I heard that you are.

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Vogue cover? "Controversy begone! Anna obviously knows what she is doing. It is current and relevant for the world in which we live, and that is why she chose it. I'm thrilled to be on the inside it's certainly getting a lot of press.". What.

Are they padding you in the shoots? "I think I may have padded once in the very beginning of my career when I was a kid. I do not own padding, and I do not take it to set. Sometimes, even when asked, I don't.


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